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RED 2015


The purpose of this year's project was to carry out a feasibility study in Borneo. As we intend to construct an education centre over summer 2016, it is paramount that we get the drawings right.


Information is scarce due to poor documentation (i.e. ground conditions, timber strength and so forth) and therefore we hadto go on site as well as to meet with local suppliers to obtain them.


This feasibility study also provided us with an opportunity to observe and study local construction methods and implement them in our designs. We believe that studying them will not only improve the efficiency of our designs but will also ease construction due to their familiarity.


Most importantly, being on site and visiting the education centres allowed us to understand and appreciate the scope of our project and the tremendous benefits it brings to the communities we work with.


The work that we have done, are currently doing, and will do would not be possible without the ongoing support of Imperial College London and Life Empowerment (our local NGO).


To find out more about our expedition in 2015, please follow the link below to view the complete report.






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