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Sustainability is crucial in ensuring that RED remains viable in the long term. Therefore, a lot of thought has been put into the design of these structures to ascertain that the cost of constructing them is affordable.


The majority of materials used will be local and obtained from socially responsible sources. Aside from minimising costs, it will also guarantee that we bring about positive development to the greater community in Borneo.




Most structures in these villages are built by locals without fixed guidelines. Therefore, we plan to improve safety standards by designing them to Eurocode regulations with some adaptations to account for the local climate. This is to ensure that the structure functions throughout its design life within a serviceable state.




2015 was the pilot project. As the charity we work with is greatly involved in rural childhood education, this multipurpose structure has the potential to be replicated in many more rural villages within the region. Therefore, the benefit of such a project is significant.




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