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"Education is vital for development. Although a significant number of students in Borneo have access to education, there is still a large disparity between urban and rural areas.


Sabah and Sarawak represent the two states with the lowest literacy rates in the country at 79 percent and 72 percent respectively."





Design and construction of schools, community centres and other educational facilities that will be used to develop skills within the local community. 




This project will be carried out with the assistance of local villagers to bring about about an exchange of knowledge. We hope that through this, they will learn safer and more efficient construction techniques. This interaction will also give us a better idea on ways to improve our design for future projects.




Student experience is a key part of this project. One of our aims is to provide students with the opportunity to apply their engineering skills, as no better experience can be gained than a hands on understanding of the construction process. This process includes the design phase up to the final build.


It will also be a cultural experience for students, as they will be living and working with the local community.




In the long run, we will be extending this project to include the teaching of English and other practical skills. English is seen as an asset in the Malaysian job market, and is even taught in government schools. However, the limited access to education means that many rural villagers do not have the same opportunities that their city counterparts receive.


By establishing a second phase of this project, we will ensure that a prolonged impact is achieved in the communities we work with.


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